Teach the Human, Train The Dog Serving Brevard County, Florida

Teach the Human, Train The Dog Serving Brevard County, Florida

Teach the Human, Train The Dog Serving Brevard County, Florida Teach the Human, Train The Dog Serving Brevard County, Florida


There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to fill out the enrollment forms for the type of training you are interested in, puppy, or 14 weeks and older. We look forward to working with you! 

Carol DePaul, Owner/Head Trainer

About Us


Changing Lives Every Day One Dog at A Time

 DePaul K9 Academy, LLC was created by Carol DePaul,  our focus is to create a relationship with you and your dog through obedience,leadership, socialization and behavior modification. We focus on creating a bond  with you and your dog through applied techniques that will get you a well-balanced dog.  

Behavior problems  just do not appear! There is a reason why we see behaviors with dogs that are not favorable.  It comes from lack of structure, rules, boundaries and limitations in the relationship between human and dog.   Dogs need a strong leader! This  gives the dog security and confidence.  We at  DePaul K9 Academy take a detailed look at what type of energy is taking place in the home and help with adjustments to make it a more balanced home between human and dog. The first step to changing your dog's behavior is understanding that your behavior will have to change, too! All of our actions around our dogs speaks to them. 

Everything we do speaks something to our dog, and it is important for us to understand  the right way to apply the training. After our sessions are completed the training does not stop there, you still need to work with your dog to remind the dog what is expected, acceptable or unacceptable! 

Have fun and enjoy your dog!


About Our Training

DePaul k9 Academy was developed by Carol DePaul in Melbourne, Florida. We focus on helping people create a balanced relationship through obedience, leadership, socialization  and behavior modification with their dogs. This will help you have a useful member of your household and a loving pet, also give the owner the foundation to achieve other levels of training. Initially, we will evaluate what is going on with you and your dog to help everyone, and to be more functional to create a more relaxed atmosphere at home.  From the very moment we bring a dog into our lives, we need to adjust our behaviors, as well as be a good leader for our dogs. Our energy around our dogs speaks volume to either encourage bad behaviors or good ones.

To be successful with your dog and create the bond, he must learn to trust you as his leader, therefore  through applied training with the trainer and your being consistent with training, even after you have completed your sessions will guarantee you have developed the human- dog relationship.

 Be open, receptive, patient and willing to learn and you will have the dog you always hoped to have, a well balanced member of your pack!

Paws Up!!


Who I am



My name is Carol DePaul, Owner/  Head  Trainer of DePaul K9 Academy. I have spent many years training therapy horses for disabled children and adults. Over the years of owning dogs, volunteering at shelters and working with rescues, I felt the need to become a professional dog trainer. The rewards I experienced with training the horses were wonderful, but on a smaller scale to help people with their dogs became a passion of mine. 

When visiting shelters and witnessed how many dogs were surrendered for things such as as jumping up on people, urinating on the floor and barking along with other reasons for the surrender, this broke my heart.  I knew there had to be a way to fix this, so my mission was  to help as many people as I could to teach them how to enjoy having their dog in the home. 

I wanted to encourage people to train their dogs, so the dog that they loved so much and adopted would not be passed from home to home, placed back in a shelter and a risk of being euthanized, because of the behaviors that with rehabilitation and training can be corrected.


I learned about dog psychology, studied the body language of a dog and was educated on the dog's mind. I knew I needed to be able to communicate with the dog. I learned how important it is to use your energy and stay calm and assertive by taking the lead. By doing these things I learned to communicate on a whole different level with the dog by setting rules, boundaries and limitation. People ask me, "Should I not be affectionate to my dog?"  What I am saying is, rules and boundaries first and then yes, love your dogs!!!! Love them a lot, but remember you must be their leader in order for them to follow and trust you.


Proud to Work with Space Coast Labrador Retriever Rescue and Coastal Poodle Rescue as their Consult Trainer

 To be able to help the foster parents as well as the adoptive owners  with these dogs that have been abandoned, given up or rescued off the streets is very rewarding. I am proud of these people that take in these dogs and give them the opportunity, a second chance they deserve. They need to have leadership in order for them to be a great dog! Rules, boundaries, limitations and then love. The way to do this is through training not just the dog, but  teaching the human how to handle a dog that has behaviors the right way. This is where I come in! I teach the human and train the dog, or rehabilitate the dog that may have behaviors that no one understands how to correct.

These rescues work very hard to bring in the dog's in desperate need for a home, medical issues and any other thing they may need.  We at DePaul K9 Academy are very proud to be associated with the rescues.

DePaul K9 Academy, LLC

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